Yard sale fees voted out

In its November meeting, the Cleveland Town Council passed a motion that does away with the $5 license for yard sales. The hope in cancelling the fee is that people who come to yard sales will stay and eat lunch or spend money with Cleveland businesses.

Councilman Tommy Swindle reported from the park board that the annual Christmas in the Park will take place on Saturday, Dec. 3. Swindle explained that people should start showing up around 5 p.m. for music and refreshments and Santa will be there at 6 p.m. to take pictures with the children.

In old business, the council reported that Dollar General’s alcohol license passed. Utilities superintendent Steve Pass expressed concern that the aisles of Dollar General are still not clear, but Dollar General says they are working on it. Pass has already inspected the store twice to see if the aisles were clear and up to fire code.

In new business, the town council reported that it received a thank you letter for their donation to Blount County Juvenile Court.

There was an update of the new bathroom for town hall and it was reported that construction is progressing as expected.

The council passed a motion to pay Adams Building Company $3,200 to clean the floor, fix the cracks, and put on a coating to seal the floor. A motion was also passed to pay Randall Smith $1,900 to paint the inside of the town hall. The money for this was set aside from last year’s budget.

The park board is currently paying for bottled water use for town employees and utilities workers. A motion was passed to split the water bill in half. The council discussed buying an ad from The Blount Countian to congratulate the football team on a great season. Although James Bynum and Glenn Puckett abstained, the rest of the council passed a motion to vote on buying ads for different sports as they come along.

Finally, Bynum discussed computer upgrades that need to be made. Town clerk Mary Newsome and Pass’s computers are experiencing problems and vital information could be lost. Bynum proposed that they replace the hard drives and buy a new tower. The council passed the motion to spend $240 on the tower, $120 per hour for labor, and $2,504 for two of the all-in-one computers. The meeting was then adjourned.

Those present were Mayor Jones, councilors Bynum, Swindle, Puckett, Sherry White and Doug Hill, Newsome, town attorney Alex Smith, Pass, police Chief Tim Jones, police officer Jesse Chambers, members of the public, and the press.

Cleveland Town Council meetings take place every second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.