World War II Veterans Honor Flight

Last month I was privileged to be included in the Honor Flight of World War II Veterans trip to Washington, DC, to visit the World War II Veterans Memorial.

This was truly the experience of a lifetime. The response of all the people along the way and the wonderful welcome-home reception in Oneonta were overwhelming and were a truly humbling experience.

Pam Nichols and Amy McDonald of Honor Flight Birmingham did a masterful job of planning the entire trip and all of the support staff and Guardians were awesome. They were very attentive and loving and did everything possible to insure that all the Veterans had a memorable and a safe experience.

As we returned through the Birmingham Airport someone asked me about my favorite part of the day. Actually, I had two favorites: The first was all of the people who planned and carried out this event. That includes the planners as well as the wonderful Guardians who took care of us. The second was the expressions on the faces of some of the older Veterans. You could see some poignant memories there but, most importantly, there were broad smiles and expressions of joy and appreciation of the experience of the day.

The World War II Veterans Memorial is awesome and I was grateful for the chance to see it. But, the response of the people along the way was even more awesome. We were applauded at several stops along the way. The people of Oneonta and Blount County stood in the rain waiting to welcome us home. Many “Thank You’s” were exchanged and many tears were shed at this joyous homecoming.

Thank you Honor Flight Birmingham, all of the Guardians and support people, and the generosity of the people of Oneonta and Blount County which made this day possible. You called us heroes but, in the minds of most of us, you are the heroes.

Thank you all; God bless you; and God bless America.
Dave Lee