World Kindness Day



Saturday is a special day. While not an official holiday, Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day, a day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world.

World Kindness Day was first introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, an organization formed at a Tokyo conference in 1997. Currently, more than 28 countries are a part of the World Kindness Movement.

So, what’s the purpose of World Kindness Day? According to, World Kindness Day is “to help everyone understand that kindness is what binds us all together. This understanding has the power to bridge the gap between nations. With kindness, we can overcome the divides of politics, race, religion, gender, and so much more.”

It’s a day to highlight and encourage good deeds. It also serves as a reminder that simple acts of kindness have power and that together, we can all work to create a kinder world. shares, “You may wonder how compassion from one person can make a difference. It isn’t easy to comprehend, but every kind act, even the smallest one, creates a ripple effect you can’t begin to imagine. The World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day are meant to inspire you to believe that we can make a global difference one act at a time.”

Being kind isn’t extravagant. Sometimes the simplest things make a significant difference! Here are a few simple ideas from that anyone can do to be helpful on World Kindness Day in the workplace, at school, with your loved ones, or even while out running errands. Look for opportunities while you go through your day to infuse kindness into someone’s day. It’ll change their day and yours for the better.

• Smile when you walk by others.

• Write positive messages on post-it notes and leave them for people to find.

• Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while.

• Tidy up around your house.

• Pick up trash you see on the ground outside and throw it in a garbage can.

• Hold the door open for someone.

• Chat with a stranger and ask them about their day.

• Pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal.

• Compliment someone.

• Send a positive or encouraging text to five people in your contacts.

• Surprise someone with flowers.

• Tell a family member or friend you love them.

• Write a note on the receipt at a restaurant for your server.

• Offer to help with someone’s errands.

• Give a surprise gift to someone you care about.

• Send a kind card or note to a friend.

• Surprise co-workers with homebaked cookies or treats.

• Plant a tree.

• Spend less time on your phone and more time with people you care about.

• Organize a workplace giving campaign.

• Offer a classmate help with homework.

• Talk to someone new.

• Practice gratitude.

• Volunteer.

• Give someone a hug.

And, don’t limit your acts of kindness to one day a year. Spread kindness all year long!