Working for beauty

They join hands in communty service.

They join hands in communty service.

Marlene Stroud (in hat), chair of Oneonta Beautification Board, and seniors of Oneonta High School take a break between planting and weeding sessions in downtown Oneonta.

Oneonta seniors have been participating in community service as a requirement for Jim Kilgore’s economics and government class. Many have assisted in meeting municipal and county needs. Teaming up with the beautification board, some have chosen to put down a dab of color on First Avenue. Those driving downtown recently may have noticed students planting assorted flowers and shrubs at the corners of First Avenue.

The efforts these students are putting into their community will help bring out the sights, smells, and sounds of summer and help transport an urban roadway into a flowering community. They have brought out their green thumbs to help brighten downtown. Marlene Stroud is directing this production with her knowledge of botany and gardening.

Students pictured with Marlene Stroud (from left) are Jonathan Ballew, Delaney Davis, Jonathan Griffin, Kayla Lacks Woodard, and Nathan Rudd. Also working but not shown are Michael Barnett, Cody Hunt, Spencer Malcolm, and Lane Walden.