Woman jailed after attempted murder in Cleveland

Stacy Gladden, 35, of Cleveland is being held without bond pending a mental evaluation at Blount County Jail. Gladden is charged with attempted murder after shooting her husband.

Saturday afternoon, Neal Brooks – supervisor at Blount County 911 – spotted Gladden on County Road 1 driving erratically towards Busy Bee in Allgood. Brooks was traveling with his family when Gladden almost hit his vehicle. Brooks followed her to Busy Bee. Gladden was covered in blood and acting very strange and combative, so Brooks called authorities. Three Oneonta officers responded and were forced to subdue her after she attempted to take possession of one of the officers’ guns and bit him on the finger. Gladden is also charged with second degree assault for the injury to the officer.

According to authorities, Gladden shot her husband twice with a shotgun – once in the arm and once in the side – at their home on Highway 160 in Cleveland. Mr. Gladden’s injuries resulted in amputation of his arm. No word on how this incident began, but the case is still under investigation.