What have the media not already spoken or written about the overwhelming devastation left by powerful winds that kept roaring across the country last week? Meteorologists agree it was the greatest such upheaval they had ever witnessed. Who would question?

People were killed, far more wounded, thousands and thousands left without power for days, suffering the discomfort and problems that entails.

Homes were destroyed, business places and countless other structures leveled, massive trees wrenched from the earth.

Human beings have come through as they usually do. Those not directly hit by the storms immediately began giving aid, searching for those in need of help if their own were not. Truly compassion has armed itself with action.

People of faith have given thanks for their safety from peril and prayed for those not so fortunate.

Perhaps it can be counted a good thing coming from this horror that some of us not duly respectful of weather warnings will be more so when the next upheaval of nature is predicted.

My own determination not to become consumed by fear of what’s ahead will be tempered by efforts to stay informed of what’s going on (as badly as I hate television) and to be armed with all those recommended devices: helmet, weather radio, whistle, cell phone – what am I forgetting? (Maybe my first-story hall that has no exterior exposure isn’t adequately safe?)

After all, if I become a victim, how can I be of help to anyone else?

Prayers are said for all those experiencing such trauma and appreciation is extended to all the invaluable individuals and organizations going so far beyond duty to aid.