What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Well, not much, especially if there isn’t one.

The city of Oneonta has a problem with a name – or lack of one, in this case – and it’s high time that the powers that be took care of it.

I’m talking about the Alley. You know the one, the long stretch of gorgeous, freshly-paved road behind Main Street. Only problem is it’s not an alley, even though that’s what it’s referred to – even by city officials.

They can continue to call it that but it doesn’t work.

Webster’s New World Dictionary says an alley is “a narrow street or walk, specifically a lane behind or alongside a row of buildings or between two rows of buildings that face on adjacent streets.” That just doesn’t work for one of the most heavily-traveled roads in town.

The road deserves a name and here’s a suggestion from Molly Howard – Railroad Boulevard.

It harkens back to our city’s blue-collar past and identifies the former railbed that is now all but a memory. Personally, I like it.

Here’s another – Railroad Way. Or Railroad Lane. Boxcar Boulevard? I’m sure you can come up with others.

It’s just a suggestion but it seems to me that our city leaders should want to put a name to a street that everybody uses.

The Alley just doesn’t work.