What’s B’ham Water Works Board up to now?

Quoth the maven: ‘No comment’

Officials of Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB) want to sell parts of their system that lie outside Jefferson County. That’s according to al.com in an article reported Nov. 21. Officials from BWWB met with representatives of Remlap/Pine Mountain Water Authority and Pine Bluff Water Authority, both in Blount County, to discuss their possible interest in buying parts of BWWB’s facilities in their service areas, according to that article.

So, at least two people in the county may have a good idea what Birmingham Water Works is up to. But they’re not saying – or more accurately, they’re saying only “no comment.” Perhaps they have reason, since both managers of the water authorities involved say they have not spoken yet to their boards of directors since whenever the meeting sometime before Nov. 21 did or did not occur.

Spoken of what? Well, that’s a little hard to say, since their answer to questions of when or whether they have spoken at all to Birmingham Water Works was also “no comment.”

Was a proposal made? No comment.

What facilities were involved? No comment.

Trying to confirm that conversations of some kind had occurred as reported, The Blount Countian called Binnie Myles, spokesperson for Birmingham Water Works Board, who in an exasperated and roundabout way also declined to confirm directly whether such meetings occurred, repeating only “Well, that article says they did, doesn’t it?” to several requests to confirm whether the report was accurate or not.

“What I can tell you is that nothing has been done,” she said.“When something happens, we’ll let you know.”

Rodney McCain, general manager of Oneonta Utilities, said that he has not been contacted by BWWB or had discussions with them concerning sale of facilities, and has no knowledge of other water authorities in the county who may have been involved in such discussions.

Full disclosure

The following is an editorial comment on the news item above: The mystery deepens. It’ll bear watching. Maybe it’s completely innocuous. Maybe it’s not.