What will happen to the newspaper?


Well, the short answer is “We don’t know.”

In the meantime, what can you expect? That the newspaper will be in your mailbox or in the paper box or on the counter of your local convenience store next Wednesday… and the Wednesday after that… and so on and so on.

We miss Rob and his absence is definitely felt every day. However, we are fully capable of publishing a weekly newspaper. It will be different and we will make mistakes. Your constructive criticism is welcome as are your suggestions.

In full disclosure, I LOVE my job, but we don’t publish the paper for ourselves and really not even for our advertisers. We do it for you, the readers. Our Oct. 4, 2017, front page said, “Without you there is no newspaper.” We still believe that and strive to provide you with a reliable and quality product.

What can you do to help us? When those post cards come in the mail, renew your subscription. If you have a business, consider or continue advertising. We have something to fit every budget.

We are soldiering on in the face of adversity; the only person that will kill the paper is you.