What to give a lady for her 50th birthday

Birthdays for females are always special, but especially the 50th. It’s difficult to select the perfect gift for fear of making a heartbreaking mistake. Some ladies want exotic perfume to give the right setting for those romantic memories of her younger life. Some ladies want that special piece of jewelry she has waited for so long.

This wonderful lady who’s reached her 50th simply wants you to look in that old trunk and on the back shelf of the closet. Did you see those old, old pictures you can’t identify? Perhaps you found family pictures that your children aren’t interested in and that you hated to burn. Or maybe a land grant to a great-greatgrandfather for his military service. This lady would be oh so happy to receive them. And your great-grandchildren would be surprised in future years to find them well taken care of.

By now you must know it was no ordinary lady celebrating. It was the 50th birthday of the Blount County Historical Society. The Society operates through the Blount County Memorial Museum.

Blount County people have discovered the Museum in the past few years like never before. They have realized the importance of local history and how we fit in the bigger scheme of things.

In recent weeks a few of the precious items put in her care are the military uniform of Dr. Ira Patton. Jim Klein made sure his family history was deposited there. Sue Cuzzort and Ella Snead provided a delightful scrapbook of early Snead. Many family histories have been printed and given to the birthday lady. People from out of state visit our museum every week. They bring donations because they have no family who will take care of them.

This 50-year-old lady is getting fat and bulging at the seams. (Don’t most of us do that at 50?) People often ask about a birthday fund. It started with one dollar and all amounts up to $500 have been left. All ladies appreciate greenbacks!

The Museum needs space. Could you be the generous one to say you would like a bronze plaque that says your family appreciated history and loved our county so much you gave the money for an addition or a new building?

That 50-year-old would dance like all her dreams had been fulfilled. You can leave your gift at the Museum or Regions Bank.

Send her a note or birthday card that can be read on her 100th – P.O. Box 45, Oneonta, AL 35121. Never forget this is a county museum. Happy birthday!
Peggy Jenkins