What Ricky’s Reading

One Heart at a Time

by Delilah

Some people have a voice for radio. Locally we might think of “the great” Jeremy Lesley or Swap Shop’s Tim Chamblee. Some of my earliest memories of radio include riding in the truck with my dad and listening to music, the static growing as we struggled to pick up the frequency. We all have our favorite radio personalities, and as a small child, I had a crush on a radio personality named Delilah. I didn’t know what she looked like and honestly didn’t care. There was just something about her voice that made you feel comfortable and safe.

Delilah is the most listened-to woman on American radio and is known as a romance guru. Those who listen to her show probably feel like they know everything about her, but most of them only know her by her voice. In One Heart at a Time, Delilah tells us part of her story.

Life has never exactly been easy for Delilah. At a young age she had to wear braces on her legs like Forrest Gump, and she grew up in the household of a controlling father. She lacked athletic and musical talent, but she loved to talk. Her first big break came when she was allowed to write and read school news and sports stories. She was even allowed a work-study program with a local radio station. Radio was her calling in life, but she didn’t always get the respect she deserved because she was a woman.

Marriage led to children. Life and circumstances led to divorce. One thing led to another, and Delilah found herself traveling to Ghana, Africa, to begin a life that she never could have imagined. She adopted multiple children from Ghana, started an organization to help the people there, and continued her journey from radio station to radio station. In the spring of 1996, just a few months after her mother passed away, Delilah’s radio show went into syndication.

One Heart at a Time reveals stories like the strained relationship between herself and her father, the suicide of her biological son, the death of her adopted son, and the way God works all things together for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. Grab the book, buckle up, and cue the music, “Delilah.”

My thoughts: This book took me back to some of my favorite memories. I haven’t heard The Delilah Show in a long time, but I remember listening to it as a young child. Part life-story, part self-help book, Delilah delivers again and again. We hear stories that rip out our hearts and stories that put a smile on our face. This is one we should all read.

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