‘What kind of commissioners do we have?’

Our elected county commissioners have served at least one four-year term or more as men responsible for spending our tax dollars in Blount County.

These men now in office and others before them have worked and changed the subdivision rules and regulations several times through the years to try to improve roads to meet the correct specification before officials would take responsibility of those roads in their districts.

I as a taxpayer do understand that their job is more than road maintenance. They are responsible for other tax dollars spent in our county.

The current four commissioners are the ones that contacted one of our state representatives to raise the cost of our truck and car tags by $15 to be designated for “Road Repair Only” for all county roads. This bill will be voted on in the November general election.

Now this commision by a vote of three to one decides to do away with the compaction test for subdivision roads that the contractors and developers have had to do in the past before it would pass our county specifications to be accepted as county roads in their districts.

With this vote that passed on the rules and regulations, are we taxpayers absolutely sure they won’t change the rules on the car tags increase money to be spent on other matters in the county?

Each tag buyer should ask their commission if the bill passes, will the money do what the bill states; also will it be a separate account and audited each year.

I thank the one commissioner who voted no against the change in the rules and regulations. I ask each voter to seek out the correct answer about this and other issues in the coming election.

I live in District 4 of Blount County, and if the bill does pass, I hope to see road improvements. We need them in our area.

Wayne Ellis