What about industry?

I know people on both sides of the wet/dry issue are passionate about the future of Blount County, but I would like to address the comment, “Every day, people cross the county line to purchase alcohol.” Although this statement is true, each day 10 times that number cross the county line to find a good paying job.

The problem is not wet or dry, but the lack of industry. Rather than spending so much time on this issue, I would like to see both sides focus on attracting industry to our area. This would increase the tax base and improve the overall well-being of the county and its residents. The automobile industry in Cullman, St. Clair, and Tuscaloosa counties has created new and well-paying jobs, yet little has been done to attract these types of industries in Blount County.

Wrangler, Southern Comfort, and numerous other plants were once located in Blount County and Oneonta, but they have left, and nothing is being done to keep or replace them with other industries. Selling beer is not going to heal the problems in the county or city. Only new and better paying jobs will make our county a better place to live. Let’s stop getting sidetracked by issues that don’t address the real problem. Let’s stop treating the symptoms, and start treating the illness.

I am proud to live in a county that chooses to be different and stands by what we believe. It shows our children that we live by what we teach. Even at the state and federal level, let’s stop passing laws that encourage bad living and instead encourage one another to live a life that is good and just in God’s eyes.

David Clyde