Wet, dry, freedom

The upcoming vote is not the question. The decision is about every citizen’s right to freedom. I don’t care if this county is wet or dry, alcohol can be purchased in any direction one might travel. The decision is about my right to choose what is best for me. As a legal, taxpaying citizen of this county, I have been witness to the backdoor politics that has plagued Blount County from it’s very inception Isn’t it time to stop the lies? Isn’t it time to let individuals make their own choice about their own lives? The church crowd wants to legislate my rights based on their moral values. I don’t disagree with anyone’s religion, so why do these zealots choose to not allow me to make a free choice? The threats of people dying, crime, and other misconstrued lies are nothing but fearmongering. Again, more Blount County political gerrymandering. Every pastor, cleric, or minister should be ashamed to force their personal views on the citizens of this county. They stand against other people’s rights based on their beliefs.

I believe in our Constitution, our rights as FREE people to choose and live our lives in whatever manner we so choose. So, I will vote “wet” only to ensure that every citizen gets to choose, to exercise their right as a citizen, to be free to make that choice.

Vote “wet” Nov. 6 for freedom! Duane Howard