West Blount Fire awarded $300k grant



West Blount Fire District firefighters and the Board of Trustees recently announced the award of a $300,000 grant issued through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The department will utilize the grant money to purchase a “tanker-pumper” that will allow them to provide services using top-of-the-line equipment on all calls. This new apparatus will replace a 1980s model transfer pumper truck.

When applying for a grant of this type, the department must gather information regarding the number of calls, the type of calls, as well as other demographic information to help support the request. The requests apparently have been substantiated as West Blount Fire Department has acquired several other new pieces of equipment through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant since 2016. These include a 3,000-gallon pumper in 2016, a 750-gallon fire engine/pumper in 2017, and a 300-gallon rescue mini pumper in 2018.

In addition, the department was recently awarded grant money for new CPR equipment and three cardiac monitors. The department also utilized money from the annual budget in 2019 to purchases a rescue truck with a small pump.

Assistant chief Clay Jones said, “The goal of the department has been to get new, updated equipment to better serve our community. These tanker-pumper trucks will allow the department to get more water immediately on the scene without the use of a fire hydrant. We appreciate the support from the community and the trust they give on how we utilize available funds.”