‘We’re here to help’



Looking for a sweet way to help your community? Next time you spot the Kona Ice truck, stop by and purchase a color changing cup from Lynn and Joan Butts from Blountsville. By doing so, you will be supporting a teacher and the classroom in Kona’s #seethechange initiative.

Their solar powered truck has many flavored ice options available. Check out the flavorwave or try one of the Butts’ favorites (Lynn’s favorite flavor is banana and Joan’s is strawberry shortcake).

Most Friday nights, you can find them at local football games with their family and grandkids pitching in. Just recently they were at a fundraiser for principal Virgil Winslett of Springville High School who has a rare type of cancer.

One thing they enjoy about their family business is it gets them involved deeper in the community. They have been able to help churches, United Way, Children’s Hospital, Talladega Foster Camp, Camp Love and Ours, and Family of Champions just to name a few. They enjoy seeing kids’ faces light up when they spot their truck, especially on Kona Day at schools.

The Butts have given $33,513 back to the community and more than $26,000 of that went to schools. “I like it because you give back.” Lynn said. This has helped schools with programs such as robotics and athletics. It’s one of the reasons they teamed up with Kona.

Kona’s Giveback Program has given millions of dollars to communities across the United States. Kona Ice is committed to helping the community. Their website states, “We love giving back, because we love being a part of our communities. We’re not just a business, we’re here to help people.”