Weather siren grant approved for Cleveland

Cleveland will have two new weatherwarning sirens, one for the Five Points area, the other for the Concord area.

Mayor Jerry Jones told council members at their monthly meeting Thursday that the Alabama Emergency Management Agency had approved the town’s application for a grant to fund the project.

The council discussed the Drive for Lights underway to raise money to install lights at the new softball field. Twenty are needed, and seven have already been bought. The $3000 in state funds that Rep. Jeremy Oden has directed to Cleveland will go toward poles to support the lights. Anyone interested in donating to the drive or who wants more information can reach the town hall at 274-9640.

Discussing the need to repair Blackwood Bend Road and Head Drive, the council voted to prep them for possible repairing and repaving in the spring of 2012.

Another coming event is designed to bring the community together, Doug Hill told fellow council members. He said the park board had designated Friday, Dec. 2, as the date for Christmas in the Park.

Council members attending the Oct. 20 meeting in addition to the mayor and Hill were Mike Evans, Kandy Little, and David Grigsby. Glenn Puckett was absent. The next council meeting will be Thursday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m.