We need Swann Bridge open

I live on the west side of Swann Bride. It is a 12- to 16- mile drive to go around to get to Cleveland. Most people think of this covered bridge as a tourist attraction. For those of us who used it every day to get to and from work, it was part of our lives. It saved us time and gas, which costs us money.

Those of us who live on this road are taxpayers; this is a county road. Mr. Pitts did some repair on one end, but for whatever reason, it ended there. Now I am hearing that the state closed it, and it may not be fixed for months or even a year or more.

I want to know, Mr. Commissioners, what are you going to do about this bridge? I understand the money has been appropriated for this bridge, so what happened to the money? When can we expect to see our tax dollar at work for us?

Those of us on this road have often been neglected. Our taxes have worked for others while we have had to deal with potholes, dumped trash, animals dropped off, and now an extra travel expense to get from one side to the other. Because of the bridge being closed, it is attracting drug dealers and other unfavorable transaction to the area.

We want to hear from you. When can we expect our road to be open? What can we do to get this bridge repaired?
Emmitt Chastain