Washburn to attend…

teacher boot camp



This Sunday, Locust Fork Elementary teacher Sara Washburn will be getting into conversations about conservation at Honeywell’s award-winning Green Boot Camp, a five-day workshop designed to help teachers learn how to incorporate “green” ideas into their lesson plans.

“Conservation and sustainability is the future,” Washburn says. “We have only one planet Earth, and I hope to learn how to teach students to respect our planet and become aware of ways we can protect and preserve it.”

Sustainability, energy efficiency, and recycling are just a few subjects scheduled for discussion during the event. Seventy teachers from 12 different countries will travel to San Diego to participate in the workshop, and Washburn hopes she can also learn how those teachers educate students and transfer it to her classroom.

“I hope with these new ways to teach, I can somehow plant a seed for the future of our planet,” she says. “One of these ideas may spark a future scientist to solve the energy crisis and develop a new method of sustainability.”

Washburn was awarded a scholarship to attend the event after fellow teacher Sherry Brewer recommended she look at the program. She had recently discovered an interest in conservation after a rain barrel was installed in the school flower garden. After filling out a detailed application that included possible lesson plans and materials currently available, she was selected to participate.

“I am very honored to have this opportunity to meet and learn with fellow educators from all corners of the world,” she says. “I am also extremely blessed to work in an awesome community where I believe these new conservation ideas will be utilized.”