Wallace State academic building coming right along

Downtown update


Last week, workers were completing installation of the sub-roofing for the Wallace State academic building, in preparation for the metal roof that will complete that stage of construction. Next step: work on the exterior walls will begin as they will get their brick or stone finish. City manager Ed Lowe said much of the early effort went toward construction of the reinforced block storm shelter inside the building and that the pace of visual progress has increased since then. He said the project is moving along about as expected with adequate progress. Initial hopes were to complete the structure in time for Wallace State’s second semester in January, but it’s still too soon to tell whether that ambitious target can be met. However, drying in the Wallace State building means that the construction office for the project can move into the building itself, evacuating the Fendley Furniture building which has been used for that purpose temporarily. That clears the way for demolition to begin on the Fendley building, which in turn, is the first stage of the downtown amphitheater project, which will occupy that space when completed within a few months. Lots of moving parts to this downtown amplification business.

-Ron Gholson