Voting districts for state Legislature change in 2014

Blount County’s voting districts for state representative change considerably in 2014 from the districts that have been in effect for the past several years. State Senate districts also change, but not as extensively. They will be treated in a subsequent issue of the paper.

In previous years, Blount County has been divided between two House districts. As a result of the Legislature’s redistricting plan, it now has four. The two previous districts – 11 and 34 – are still predominant in size. But two new districts– 13 and 27 – have been added.

The two previous House districts change, but not dramatically. As shown on the accompanying map, precincts 6 (Nectar) and 9 (Royal) – previously a part of District 34 – are now included in District 11.

Two precincts – 8 (Summit) and 24 (Rock Springs) – in the northern part of the county have been added to House District 27.

The Mt. High precinct and about half of the Smoke Rise precinct in the western part of the county have been joined to House District 13.

Polling places remain the same for all precincts affected by the changes. Only the slate of candidates will be different for those precincts moved from one district to another. The Blount Countian will continue to provide voting information, including further information on these candidates and others as they qualify for approaching elections.

Below is a chart showing the incumbent candidate for each House District, whether they are running for re-election, and a brief statement from each.

District Incumbent Running for re-election?
11 Randall Shedd (Fairview) Yes
13 Bill Roberts ( Jasper) Yes
27 Wes Long (Guntersville) No
34 David Standridge (Hayden) Yes

Representatives’ statements

District 11 Rep. Randall Shedd: “I am honored to represent Blount, Cullman, and Morgan counties in the Alabama House of Representatives. I look forward to the addition of two new precincts in Blount County and a part of Marshall County with the new district lines. My district is rural and I’ll do my very best to represent our rural needs and values.” (256) 531-6641.

District 13 Rep. Bill Roberts: “I’m looking forward to serving Blount County and to being a part of the delegation working for the county. I’m already a member of the West Blount Chamber of Commerce, and am actively making myself available to my future constituents.” (205) 388-7679.

District 34 Rep. David Standridge: “It is a great honor to serve as State Representative for District 34. I have been fortunate to move up in seniority and I appreciate the important committee assignments that have been entrusted to me. I plan to seek re-election and to continue working to make our area a better place for our children and grandchildren.” (205) 960-4679.