Voter registration deadlines and purposes for upcoming elections

For constitutional amendment election Sept. 18: (Whether to transfer $437 million from Alabama Trust Fund to state general fund to pay for state services such as prisons, child welfare, public health, and Medicaid, among others). Registration deadline is Sept. 7.

For District 34 State Representative primary election Oct. 23: (To serve out the term of state Rep. Elwyn Thomas, who retires effective Aug. 31). Registration deadline is Oct. 12.

For general (Presidential) election Nov. 6: (May include wet/dry alcohol referendum). Registration deadline is October 26.

For District 34 State Representative runoff election on Dec. 11 (if necessary): (If no single candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote in the Dist. 34 primary, runoff will be held between the number of candidates necessary to total 50 percent of those voting. If a runoff is not necessary, the general election for Dist. 34 state representative will be held on this date). Registration deadline is Nov. 31.

For District 34 State Representative general election on Jan. 29, 2013 (if necessary): ( To choose between Democratic and Republican party candidates). Registration deadline is Jan. 18, 2013.

Once a voter registers for any election, registration is good for subsequent elections, unless the voter moves (changes his/her place of residence in the meantime.) In other words, if a voter registers before the deadline for the constitutional amendment election Sept. 18, that registration will be good for all subsequent elections shown above, and will be good for the following years, as long as the voter remains at his/her current residence.