Volunteer to be Big Brother, Big Sister



It’s back-to-school time … the perfect time to spend with a new friend.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters is taking advantage of this time to spark a program to serve Blount County’s children. The group plans to recruit, screen, and train volunteers to be mentors for needy children 6 to 16. As a mentor, you are urged to be yourself, be a friend, and share some much-needed time with a child. It is said that spending as little as one hour a week with a child can change that child’s life forever.

Studies have shown that a child in the Big Brother/Big Sister program is 46 percent less likely to begin using drugs, 52 percent less likely to skip school, and 33 percent less likely to hit someone.

The program also fosters improvements in a child’s school performance and self-confidence.

The group is looking for volunteers to be Big Brothers or Big Sisters, members of its Advisory Council, and financial supporters. Volunteers can share their experiences and make real differences in children’s lives. To learn more, log on www.bbbsbhm.org
or phone Jim Tuttle at 559-1008 or Lynette Glatzer at 625-6621.