Vegetable varieties for the home garden

County Agent’s Corner

Home gardens can produce a variety of vegetables.

Home gardens can produce a variety of vegetables.

When it comes to selecting varieties of vegetables to plant, we all have an opinion. Some like yellow sweet corn, some like white field corn, and some of us are just glad to get an ear or two to eat. The same is true when it comes to tomato varieties; we all have a favorite. The following is a partial list of vegetable varieties that are recommended for planting in the home garden.

White Sweet Corn

Early season: Quick Silver (Su), Summer
Sweet 7311W (Sh2), Sweet Ice (se). Mid
Season: Ice Queen (Sh2), Silverado (se),
Snowbelle (se), Snow White (Sh2). Late
season: Even Sweeter (Sh2), Pegasus
(Sh2), Silver King (se)
Bi-Color Corn
Early season: Dazzle (Sh2). Mid season:
Big Time (Sh2), Summer Sweet 8102
(Sh2), Sweet Chorus (se), Sweet Rhythm
Yellow Corn
Early season: Sweet Riser (se). Mid season: Crisp N’Sweet 711 (Sh2), Incredible
(se), Prime Plus (Sh2), Summer Sweet
Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Lee, North
and South

(Short Day Varieties) for bulbs: Grano
1015Y, Granex 33, (both yellow), Southern Belle Red. Green onions or bunching
onions: Beltsville Bunching, Evergreen
Bunching, Parade, Ishikura Long
Slicers: Bella Rosa, Better Boy, Big Boy,
Celebrity, Mountain Fresh, Parks Whopper. Roma: Puebla, Toma. Cherry type:
Cherry Grande, Mountain Belle. Grape:
Santa Claus, Saint Nick
(There are over 3,000 tomato varieties.)
Irish Potatoes
Atlantic, Eark Red Norland, La Rouge,
Red LaSoda, Yukon Gold
Sweet Potatoes
Beauregard, Hernandez, Jewel
Green Comet, Packman, Mariner, Premium Crop
Bravo, Cheers, Market Prize, Cardinal
(red), Red Dynasty (red)
Early Snowball, Snow Crown, White
Snap Beans
Bush: Atlantic, Bronco, Magnum, Pod
Squad, Roma Ii (flat type). Pole: Stringless

Blue Lake, White Seeded Kentucky
Wonder, Rattlesnake
Lima Beans
Bush: Bridgeton, Dixie Butter Pea, Fordhook 242, Early Thorogreen, Speckled
Dixie Butter Pea. Pole: Willow Leaf, Carolina Sieva, King of the Garden, Christmas Lima
Blue max, Carolina, Champion, Flash,
Georgia Southern, Top Bunch, Vates
Blue Armor, Blue Knight, Siberian, Vates
Calypso (pickle type), Carolina (pickle
type), Dasher, Daytona, General Lee
Summer Squash
Destiny III, Dixie, Medallion, Supersett,
Conqueror, Goldbar
Tigress, Jaguar, Spineless Beauty
Southern Peas
Blackeyes: Bettergro Blackeye, California Blackeye #5, Magnolia Blackeye.
Pinkeyes: Coronet, Pinkeye Purple Hull
BVR, Mississippi Pinkeye, Quick Pick.
Cream (cream with browneye): Texas
Cream 12, White Acre BVR. Crowders:
Hercules, Mississippi Purple, Mississippi
Silver, Zipper Cream

These are just a few of many varieties of various vegetable crops you may grow in your garden. Ask 10 folks what they would recommend and you will get 10 different answers. So, don’t worry, it’s all good stuff. Contact the Extension office for additional information on vegetable crops.

Dan Porch is County Extension Coordinator with the Blount County Extension Office. Dan lives in and loves Blount County and is available to answer your questions about conservation, agriculture, natural resources, and gardening. He can be reached at (205) 274-2129 or