Utilities policies questioned

I have received your notice that effective Jan. 1, 2012, certain “service charges” will be assessed unless one’s water bill is paid in any manner other than cash, check or money order. In addition, a $1.00 charge is assessed if “you do not bring your bill when you pay”.

As a retired person, these charges seem unreasonable and appear to be a “back door” effort to raise revenues during a time when many people cannot afford them.

While personally, I can afford the additional charges, it seems improper to levy these amounts for people who use the internet and electronic transfers to pay their bills.

Most businesses are saying that paperless billing and electronic payment is more efficient, cost effective and convenient.

The Utility Board suggests its customers “Save a Stamp…” and utilize alternative means of payment. However “saving a stamp” brings on additional charges additional charges. Doesn’t make good sense does it?

My question to the Board is therefore: Why are you disregarding a more efficient and cost effective means of billing and payment for your customers?

Absent a logical and reasonable explanation from the Board, I can only suggest the Board is doing what other institutions are doing or have tried to do, and that is adding fees and assessments to gouge the people they ostensibly serve.

Tommy & Martha Rountree Oneonta