Updated info on The Little White Brick Building



On Oct. 20, The Blount Countian printed an article about The Little White Brick Building that sits at the corner of Second Avenue East and Fourth Street North in Oneonta. The article told of a variety of uses and businesses that have occupied the building during its existence. After the story ran, Wade Sellers contacted the newspaper office to give some more history of the building.

According to Sellers, his dad Clarence Eugene Sellers and William G. “Willie” Engle purchased five or six lots at that location in 1932 or 1933. Sellers’ father obtained the west side lots of 400, 402, and 404 and his family lived in a house that was recently torn down on lot number 404.

In 1947, Mutual Oil Company built the little building. Mr. Jim McNab of Mutual Oil Company asked Sellers’ dad to put in a service station. On July 4, 1947, Sellers moved his business to the little building. The terms were to keep it open eight or 10 years and go from there. During that time, a kerosene tank was put in the ground and the building had a pump inside it.

After the initial time period lapsed, terms were renewed for an additional five years. Mr. Herring was the first manager at the service station.

As a child, Sellers played under a big tree located on the lot. When sewer lines were installed in town in 1947, he remembers the tree being taken down.

Sellers also remembers at one point Mr. McNab talking about customers earning flatware with a purchase of gasoline. At the grand opening, for every gallon of oil or five gallons of gas, the gift was earned. It was quite a hit. Locals were lined up down the road. Mr. McNab had to get another tanker of gas delivered because of the large group of locals who came by.

Sometime between 1950 to 1952, natural gas lines were installed down Highway 75. Sellers’ dad had already run gas lines to the store and never hooked up to the natural gas lines that were available.