Unpaid bills tabled

Town of Snead

The Snead Town Council met Monday, June 24, and there was a continuation of a discussion regarding bills submitted at the last council meeting, but not paid. The discussion ended when no one put forth a motion to pay the bills up for consideration. Councilor Tim Kent suggested they could discuss the bills the following night during a special called meeting that was already scheduled. The matter was tabled.

A second set of current bills (not to be confused with those mentioned above) was approved to be paid by yea votes from councilors Kent, Phillip McHan, and Greg Ogles. Mayor La’Shone Price and councilor Ann Sullins abstained.

At the last council meeting, there was a discussion regarding the cell phone services of AT&T and Verizon. The issue came up again led primarily by Ogles, who expressed concern about having to pay two bills when one seemed to be enough. “Verizon can’t provide the needed services,” Ogles said. He added the phones from Verizon should be cut off.

Sullins questioned Police Chief Stephen Gunn about a request to attend the police chief conference in Orange Beach next month. The request included the amount for funds for his hotel room, but not his meals. There was no discussion about meal reimbursement. A motion to approve Gunn’s request was approved.

Interim court clerk Diane Neely informed the council that the company that provides the current software for the court system will end its support of the software at the end of July, and the court will transition to a new company, ETA Data Direct, Inc.

Two estimates were submitted to remove two trees from the park. The council awarded the job to Battles Tree Service, provided utilities supervisor Jeff Whited could confirm the company was bonded. Both bids came in at $850. Price abstained on the vote.

A discussion ensued about paving the parking lots of town hall and the police department. David Dobson, whose law firm represents the town, advised the council that if the job was going to cost more than $10,000, they would have to advertise and receive sealed bids.

In personnel matters, the council voted to appoint Shelia King to the position of office clerk. Price and Sullins again abstained. In a separate vote, her salary was set at $11 per hour. Sullins abstained. The council voted to promote Hannah Wright to water clerk. Price and Sullins abstained, again.

The council planned to interview applicants for the town clerk position, as well as talk about the court clerk position, the hiring of the town’s prosecutor, and continue their discussion about the bills on the following night. The Blount Countian was not present for that meeting, but according to acting town clerk Rae Ware, the meeting took place, but Dobson advised the council they could not proceed because those items were not specified in the called meeting’s agenda.

All council members were present for the June 24 meeting except Dale Snead. Ware said everyone attended the June 25 meeting. The council regularly meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, at 7 p.m., at the town community center.