Unique contest open to students

River of Words

Debra Gordon-Hellman of Royal is urging teachers to encourage their students to enter a unique contest dubbed River of Words and open to ages from kindergartners through 12th-graders. Gordon- Hellman heads Friends of the Locust of the Locust Fork’s education committee.

The statewide, international contest was created to promote watershed awareness, literacy, and the arts. It invites students to “explore the natural and cultural history of the rivers, lakes, and streams of Alabama – and the puddles of their own backyards – and to express, through poetry and art, what they discover.” That’s from a poster provided by Auburn University, a contest sponsor, and distributed to schools.

Fostering interest in the contest, Gordon-Hellman says, “Kudos to Cleveland High School, who last year had fantastic participation. It was the only county school that did, and I’d like to change that.”

She has distributed copies of the informational posters and asks teachers to place them where students can see them. Students may enter the contest independently or as a member of a participating class, scout troop, 4-H group, etc. Entries are accepted in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Entry forms and information, poems, and art from previous winners can be accessed at www.riverofwords.org. More information or help is available to teachers and students at 429-3960.