Under the radar

I spent my young life living on Kudzu Road. We carried water from a well and lived in a cold house. My 88- year-old mother still lives on Kudzu Road, as do other members of my family.

The lady that raised a family on the other end of the road died a couple of years ago. She never had plumbing and heated with a fireplace. It was hard but can also make one strong.

The road has been paved since then, and there is even plumbing in the old house.

Just around the bend the government will be spending millions of dollars to build government housing for farm and chicken plant workers. This is a slap in the face to the families that have lived here all their lives and faced up to life’s challenges with no help from government. More proof that the government is ruled by lobbyists.

This is just another stupid tax waste project paid for by working Americans. This project came in under the radar and was kept hush! hush! while in the works. How long can mankind survive when no one feels that they have enough and everyone feels entitled

It looks as if it’s high time that Mr. Smith should take another trip to Washington. Give Jeff Sessions and Robert Aderholt a call.

Ronnie Jenkins Hendrix