Town of Snead

Engineer proposes $550,000 solution to water problem

Snead town engineer Robert Nelson proposed the town build a new storage tank and booster station to address recently discussed water problems. Nelson commented, “I think that will be the only way we would alleviate many of the problems there (in the Pearman and Mt. Carmel roads area)… A tank would be needed even if you had another water source. We would also include a water booster station to keep the tank full. We talked with some and looks like we might be able to get a half-acre site [at an appropriate location] for the tank.”

Nelson advised town councilors at their regular bimonthly meeting that his estimated $550,000 cost includes items they have asked to add to portions of their water and sewer systems. He also noted that finance rates are extremely low.

In response to Mayor Tim Kent’s question on time involved, Nelson estimated the earliest completion at January or February 2013. Kent and the council authorized Nelson and utilities supervisor Jeff Whited to seek immediate options on land sites. Members also agreed to hold a 6:30 p.m. work session prior to the July 9 meeting to consider the proposal.

In response to nuisance complaints by a resident, Kent directed town clerk Rae Ware to prepare a letter to the property owner seeking his “intentions” for the property. Councilors also approved the hiring of Jimmy Baldwin as a part-time police officer and added John Browning to the department reserves.

Fire chief Lee Netherton reported all town fire hydrants have been repainted. At Kent’s request, Netherton explained that the hydrants now have color codings to identify water flows, pressure, type water, and other explanations.

Whited won council approval to delay consideration of credit and debit card options for paying utilities bills. He said he had requested the option but has since had companies contact him that might provide a cheaper cost for the town than that he had previously presented.

Kent read a $3,355 Alabama Power quotation for placing a pole at Lee Ridge and Greer dives. Lee Ridge residents had asked for the light, but councilors have delayed any installation.

Councilors approved resolutions related to the upcoming municipal elections. Qualifying will run July 3 – 17 for the Aug. 28 election. Ware advised that state laws have changed about campaign contribution reporting. She detailed those changes and explained she has packets to explain them to qualifying candidates.

Councilors Jack Freeman and Phillip McHan missed the June 25 meeting. Councilmen James Campbell, Curtis Painter, and Charles Sanders joined Kent for the session. The council regularly meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.