To the thieves who stole my lawn mower

When you came to my home Saturday night, Oct. 1, 2011, I was spending the night in St. Vincent’s East with my brother, who had had a stroke. When you moved the little angel out of the way to steal my mower, did you not think that God saw every one of you as you lifted my mower off my carport to load it – did you steal it to get drug money?

I’ve had cancer in 2009 and 2010. I go back to the cancer center next Friday, Oct. 21, for a scan. My cousin bought my lawn mower and I had made two payments on it. My yard needs mowing again. Please bring my mower home! I still owe most of what that one cost, and I am not able to buy another one. If you sold it to someone– the left light is out and the seat slides up and down and needs to be made stationary. My nephew had just put new 42” blades on it and now it is gone. If you will bring it back I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am 81+ years old and I need my lawn mower. The police are looking!

If someone bought this red Troybilt mower from someone since Oct. 1, please ask them to return it to me if you think this is mine.

Betty Jean Nelson