TLC residents earn awards



TLC residents Floyd Earl, 86, and John Mitchell, 73, (pictured above) are motivators and givers. The two have collectively logged more than 4,500 hours of volunteer work with the Positive Maturity/RSVP program.

Earl, with more than 4,000 volunteer hours since the early 1990s, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Mitchell, with more than 500 hours over the past two-and-a-half years, has received the Gold Volunteer Achievement Award. President Donald Trump signed both.

Earl is a native of Blountsville and received his award in December 2017. Mitchell, who came to TLC from the Pinson area, received his award in late 2018.

According to TLC activities director Ina Brown, Earl and Mitchell radiate a positive light within the facility by serving as resident mentors, reading the Bible and praying with others, playing instruments, singing, and helping with extracurricular activities such as Bingo or exercise programs.

Brown mentioned that Mitchell is known as “the newspaper man,” as he gives out newspapers each week; he also loves karaoke. One favorite tune of the residents is Elvira, and they all chime in to the chorus of “giddy up oom poppa oom poppa mow mow.”

As Earl talked about the many great experiences he has had volunteering, he said, “I like to give, but I like when people give to.” He was referring to some friends who visit and bring fried apple pies.

Mitchell said, “This award means a lot to me. I never expected to get an award like this. I didn’t think the little bit I was doing would get an award. I was just looking for something to do.”

Brown said she currently has more than 30 residents in the volunteer program. “Just because they are here doesn’t mean they have to stop giving,” she said.