Tips for better eating



Give kids whole-grain cereals for breakfast, kidfriendly “white” whole-wheat bread for sandwiches, crunchy whole-grain crackers for snacks, and wholegrain pastas for dinner.

Eat more fruits and vegetables at every meal. At breakfast, enjoy fresh or frozen berries on cereal, slices of melon or a glass of 100 percent orange juice; at lunch, serve baby carrots or sliced apples; for dinner, put brightly colored vegetables at the center of every plate.

Most young people in America are not getting enough calcium or potassium. Try an 8-ounce glass of low-fat milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner; yogurt parfaits for breakfast or an after-school snack; or string cheese for an on-the-go energy snack.

Getting enough protein at every meal and snack helps kids feel satisfied after eating. Start their day with egg or bean burritos. For snacks, provide peanut butter or sliced deli meat.