‘Time frame… only a theory’

In the 3/2/11 edition of the paper, there was a picture of a SMART Board in one of the county schools. This type of technology is great when properly used and can help tremendously in the classrooms.

However, there was a statement made in the comment stating it shows how over millions of years the super continent Pangaea separated into the seven continents we know today. This time frame is only a theory and, in my opinion, should have been stated as such.

I disagree with the time frame stated, and it brings to mind one question. How is that age determined? The oldest historical record I am aware of indicates the earth is approximately 4000 to 6000 years old. If we rely totally on scientific data such as radio dating and other primary dating methods used today, they are very unreliable to say the least. There is a wealth of information in The Evolution Handbook by Vance Ferrell that should be studied and considered before categorically stating something is millions of years old.

Thank you for allowing me to write this comment.

Charles J. Shipp