An almost 125-foot-tall tree on Wesolene Thomas’s property had to be cut down Monday due to damage sustained during a 2018 storm. According to Thomas, the massive oak, taken down by Bama Tree Service, was more than 100 years old and 7 feet in diameter. Ilario Dimasi, owner of the tree service, (pictured above with Thomas) was instrumental in safely bringing the tree to the ground. He said the tree could be closer to 150 years old.

In March 2018, the oak was struck by lightning. Since that time, limbs have fallen from the tree. One large limb almost hit Thomas as she walked along the property last fall. Dimasi confirmed the inside of the tree was “like a sponge.” Thomas said she was concerned about the safety of the farm workers and decided to have it removed.

Thomas said those who visited loved the oak tree. She had even hung a couple of swings from the huge branches for everyone’s enjoyment. She hated to have the tree cut down, but unfortunately it was no longer safe to have on the property.

-Cheryl Helton