Three finish in top 10 at state

High School Cross Country



Locust Fork’s Halle Curry crossed the finish line with a time of 20:37.20, placing her fifth at last Saturday’s 1-2A AHSAA Cross Country state championship meet. The Lady Hornets finished eighth overall.

Oneonta’s Gaby Piceno and Lex Sorensen also placed in the top 10. Piceno’s time of 20:14.75 and Sorensen’s time of 17:06.07 placed each of them ninth in the 4A girls and boys championships. The Lady Redskins placed seventh overall and the boys placed eighth.

Back in 1-2A, the Lady Panthers finished just behind Locust Fork at No. 9. Locust Fork’s boys came in 10th. In Class 3A, J.B. Pennington’s girls finished seventh and the boys finished eighth.

Representing the Cleveland Panthers in 1-2A was Micah Olberding. He finished 29th overall with a time of 18:35.67. Southeastern’s Stephen Wortham finished 73rd with a time of 19:59.55 while his sister Sophie Wortham finished 45th with a time of 23:00.50.

Locust Fork Boys final times
Dawson Dunn, 19:38.55
Jake Tayler, 19:41.76
Alberto Vargas, 19:53.18
Colton Love, 20:14.46
Isaac Smitherman, 20:20.53
Eli McNutt, 20:31.33
Eli Holt, 20:37.61
Jordan Moon, 20:57.93
Braxton Copeland, 21:20.50
Coleman Williamson, 21:51.53
Locust Fork Girls final times
Halle Curry, 20:37.20
Cortlyn Williamson, 23:18.06
Natalee Bell, 23:25.21
Kristanna Battles, 23:28.48
Emalyn Smitherman, 23:38.34
Abby Grace Evans, 24:03.80
Aubree Bazzel, 24:40.10
Hallie Holt, 24:56.23
Jaynie Amin, 25:00.13
Cleveland Girls final times
Makayla Harris (15th), 21:25.39
Katelyn Harris (20th), 21:45.13
Tori Lind, 23:23.24

Lily Valdez, 24:48.49
Aaliyah Harris, 25:49.70

J.B. Pennington Boys final times
Jaxson Branham, 17:52.18
Jodie Childers, 18:24.69
Gavin Watts, 19:24.05
Devin Beard, 19:44.39
Charly Ponce, 19:50.78
Jose Rodriguiz, 20:02.96
John Luke Arnold, 20:10.49
Omar Teletor, 20:41.35
Weston Briggs, 21:06.29
Landon Blackmon, 21:56.22

J.B. Pennington Girls final times
Autumn Sansing (15th) 20:40.04
Erika Maldonado, 21:30.36
Kylee Weems, 22:18.64
Esmeralda Vazquez, 22:52.73
Jasmine Ponce, 23:02.36
Gracie McAlpin, 23:21.83
Katelyn Bonner, 24:04.57
Lola Wood, 24:17.38

Jasmine Rodriguez, 25:43.75
Alexa Mardis, 26:27.59

Oneonta Boys final times
Lex Sorensen, 17:06.07
Jose Piceno, 17:52.60
Gavin McAlpine, 19:09.34
Alan Piceno, 19:30.30
Tyler Butts, 19:42.76
Christian Faulkner, 20:22.07
Judson McKinney, 21:43.04
Luke Maples, 21:45.75
Cooper Swain, 21:52.17
Christopher Manstream, 22:51.84

Oneonta Girls final times
Gaby Piceno, 20:14.75
Makenna Shirley, 21:41.81
Tara Breuer, 23:50.27
Taylor Rhea Atkinson, 24:03.01
Carolyn Watson, 24:04.13
Lily Wilson, 25:39.77
Elaiha Rivera, 28:31.38
Zoey Trombley, 29:29.94
Madison Maples, 30:54.66
Brooke Barron, 33:14.55