They’re wrong

If you know the name of the place where you live but the post office doesn’t, The Blount Countian

has a problem.

The Postal Service assigns the location of a post office to addresses of all patrons it serves. You may live at Royal, but your mailing address says you live at Blountsville. The post office has Smoke Rise dwellers residing at Warrior and Snead residents living at Altoona. Thus if your address appears with your name in the newspaper, it’s probably wrong.

That leaves the newspaper frequently assigning incorrect places of residence to subjects of obituaries, as well as to their survivors. That has little significance for those who know where they lived but it may be confusing to readers out of county or out of state.

More significant than that are obituaries clipped from the paper and placed in Bibles or other safe places. They preserve incorrect information for family members and for genealogists referring to them decades later.

Though they frequently miss the mark, as readers will be quick to tell you, newspapers worthy of the name set great store by correctness – editing copy, reading galley proofs, as they were once called, page proofs, and the finished product more than once. Thus it hurts to know up front that those places of residence are probably wrong.