They served

Although Three Hots and a Cot hasn’t found its way to Blount County, that doesn’t mean to say a Blount County homeless veteran won’t find the way to the 501c3 organization’s nearby Clay Veterans Center.

For whatever reasons, some veteran soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen find themselves homeless – living in abandoned houses, under bridges, in old warehouses. Veterans for Veterans organized Three Hots and a Cot to find some answers. Use of a vacated nursing home was obtained. It was furnished with the bare minimum for living and became home to several without homes.

No, it isn’t supported by any branch of the Armed Services nor by any other arm of government. It’s supported by veterans for their fellow veterans who covet help from any organizations and individuals concerned about the national tragedy that allows those who served their country to lose their way.

Members of American Legion Post #72, Oneonta, is appealing to the public to reach out to these who’ve served by sharing with them some of the everyday essentials they don’t have funds to buy: nonperishable foods, sheets, blankets, bath cloths, towels, paper products, cleaning supplies – even furniture. If you can imagine having nothing, you’ll have no difficulty coming up with something to share.

Three business places in Oneonta are making space available where contributed items can be dropped off: Peoples Bank, Save A Lot, and Hometown Market.

If you want to know more, veteran Ed Heard will be eager to talk with you.