The Old Oak Tree

Counseling service for veterans and their families



No one can be exposed to war and combat without being deeply changed.

Self-confidence, maturity, and pride may be increased. On the other hand one may experience distancing from family members, feelings of alienation, difficulties on the job, decreased emotional control.

If the brain has been injured, problems can be more complicated with impairment of memory and concentration and inability to organize thoughts.

If you as a veteran are experiencing any of these negative repercussions of combat or if someone you care about is exhibiting some of these problems, there’s help. Phone Dr. Sharon Gotlieb to set up an appointment. She is specially trained to treat problems of combat exposure. She can also help with family problems related to deployment or reintegration back home.

Appointments are available on Wednesdays at the Old Oak Tree, Hope House, 1000 Lincoln Avenue, Oneonta, and are free. Because Dr. Gotlieb is not connected to the military, National Guard, or VA systems, you have complete confidentiality. Phone her at 205-807-1919 or e-mail