The Journey

Opening Swann and Easley Covered Bridges has given drivers an opportunity to enjoy the journey to their destination. The one-lane covered bridges harken back to a slower pace. Not a popular idea for modern, more hectic times.

These bridges now have posted weight, height and width signs. Yield and stop signs are to be installed. The Friends of the Covered Bridges of Blount County want to remind drivers that these bridges are for one way driving. Cars approaching should do so slowly. Driving with headlights on even during daylight hours is encouraged. Following are some driving etiquette suggestions:

•Approach bridges slowly. Come to a complete stop before entering.

•Look into bridge for an oncoming car inside the bridge.

•Back up to allow car inside bridge to exit.

•Look on opposite side of bridge for cars entering or waiting to enter bridge.

•One car on the bridge at any time from either direction.

•Two or three cars from the same direction may cross one at a time.

Janis Patterson Friends of the Covered Bridges of Blount County