The curse of Lee Ridge

I have decided that the subdivision known as Lee Ridge in Snead – is “cursed.” My suspicion is it must have been a former Indian burial ground. Now it is violated by the inhabitants and the spirits are angry.

Sounds crazy, but something appears to be going on here. I have been here since October 2010. The house I bought resulted in having Chinese Drywall (toxic sheetrock), then I found out the road which was supposed to be paved soon… is probably NOT going to happen.

Plus, there are covenants in the subdivision which are being violated with no recourse to enforce. In the beginning, I thought my biggest worry was the coyotes (which have not appeared – don’t blame them).

The latest issue is a street light that never happened. I attended the Snead council meeting in early December 2011. One of the council members brought to the attention of the governing body the fact that the corner of Lee Ridge Drive and Greer Drive needed a street light.

Other council members agreed and it was put to a motion and unanimously approved for action. Done deal!

Oh, wait a minute. The angry spirits must have appeared again, because it never happened. Six months and no street light. Apparently the spirits want it to remain dark at the entrance. Someone might miss the turn and wreck. Just like the hundreds of pot holes and trenches on the road which will not be made better. Yes, the “spirits” are winning.

Let this all be a lesson to anyone considering making a real estate purchase in Snead (or any other place). Make sure you do a lot of research. Find out what kind of government they have. Find out from residents already living there, just what is the track record. Make sure you get detailed home inspections (request a Chinese Drywall check – it is not on a routine inspection). If road or street is in unfinished state, or bad condition, check to see what really is going to be done. Check on adequate lighting, it may be the way it will always be.

Too bad we don’t have a system like Carfax for houses and communities. DO YOUR RESEARCH. It will be to your advantage later.

Where you live is a very important life decision. Watch out for “Cursed Neighborhoods” – like Lee Ridge!

June Peppers, Snead