The community church

If we search deep inside our inner being and employ profound reasoning we must surely all agree that the essence of any great community, state or country is the institution of family.

From the foundation, integrity and authentic moral training of a Godly oriented family stems dedicated, devoted and genuine members of citizenry.

Meaningful leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, builders, preachers, farmers and others are the harvest of a priceless, humble, loving and caring family.

It has been stated “and correctly so” by learned scholars that the success of an individual, a home, a community or a church is measured not by the monetary holdings, the social prestige, fame or fortune that might be acquired. We endorse other criteria from which to measure success.

A beloved old literature teacher I once knew had a profound approach to gauging success in a life, school or church. She taught that we measure real success by asking the question,“Have we left the world a better place than it was when we came into it?”

She said,“There are many ways to accomplish this.” To love without stipulations, express a humble, meek and forgiving attitude in our contact with others. Give without any expectation of recompense. Express concern and heart-felt feeling for the hurting and oppressed.

At our church, we embrace this philosophy for success. Our precious little church in the Royal Community (Oak Grove Community Methodist Church) consists of approximately nineteen families all in loving composure, harmony and peace. All of these families working together compose one big family,“The Church Family!”

Our mission and goal is to touch as many individuals and families who are enduring a time of need, hardship and trouble as we feasibly can.

I have served several churches in my many years as a minister and I can truthfully state that I have never served a more giving, caring, Godly and loving church family.

Oak Grove is a church family that is at peace and in harmony without animosity or malice.

Our hope and sincere prayer is that we can serve the community and God as one church body out into the future with love, open-hearted and genuine concern and continue to grow as we have begun to do.

May God’s richest blessing follow you in all your endeavors.

Tommy “Buck” Graves, pastor
Oak Grove Community Methodist Church