‘The Boy Next Door’


It was Friday night and my friend, Taylor, and I were bored out of our minds, so we started thinking of something to take up our time. As we are thinking, we see a preview of “The Boy Next Door,” we both look at each other and say, “Yep.”

In T-shirts and jeans we hoped in the car and took off to Trussville – after asking our parents, of course. We get to the theatre, get our tickets, and sit down.

The show starts and the first half of the movie was somewhat romantic and the main character – Noah – was dreamy. You would’ve never thought that he was completely psychotic, but he was. Noah is very conniving and the true definition of a stalker. He follows Claire, the other main character, around everywhere. He also lives next door to her! Yeah, not so dreamy anymore.

This movie is very intense and one part even made me jump out of my seat! My favorite part of the movie was the ending, but that you’ll have to see for yourself. I will say that this movie was definitely worth my money.