Thanks to them all

Last Friday, Nov. 7, Locust Fork School presented a program honoring all Veterans. My husband, Gene Story, is a disabled veteran and we were invited to attend.

I just want to applaud the faculty and students for such planning that went into this very honorable and emotional presentation. I especially want to mention that the auditorium was filled with students and I have yet to see a more respectful and well behaved group.

We were honored to sit with Mr. John King, a veteran of World War II. He was at Pearl Harbor aboard a ship when we were attacked by the Japanese bombing. He is now in his eighties and shared with us his picture as a young Navy man and what a handsome guy!!!

I would like to thank Tim Clevenger, Daniel Smith, Melissa Stewart, and Samantha Noblitt, Pam Goss, Lynn Pass, Coach Martin and especially Sgt. Tim Thompson, National Guard speaker.

Two musical groups made up of Locust Fork students performed great music. Our hearts were touched by the FFA String Band and Switch 80 featuring Tyler Roberts doing vocals on “God Bless the USA.”

Last but not least was a Power Point Memorial for our very own fallen Warrior, John Millican, a true HERO. Locust Fork also has several students that are presently serving with the National Guard and they were also recognized as were several teachers.

Many of the students that did not even know the attending Veterans came up and gave “thank yous,” “hand shakes,” and “hugs.”

We went away feeling very touched in our hearts and very proud to be a part of such a positive Locust Fork School function.

With much appreciation and thanks to every Veteran and to all the men and women that have made and still are making Freedom for all.
Charlene Story