Thanks to Oak Hill Cemetery volunteers

Thank you to the following for their time and dedication at Oak Hill Cemetery during decoration Saturday, May 7, and Sunday, May 8.

Matt McGowen, Bruce Phillips, Charlie Fendley, Herb Massey, Clyde Woods, Chris Harvey, Brian Gargus, Derf Bryan, Donny Ray, Lynn Moody, Glenn Whited, Joe Tipton, John Endress, John Pitts, Larry Epperson, Mark Gargus, Mark Hitt, Martin Copeland, Max Moody, Pat Masters, Patrick Fendley, Ralph Tidwell, Rob Rice, Brandon Guyton, Mark Sims, Carter Sims, David Whited, Sonya Whited, Kristen Whited, Rick Sanders, Judy Camp, Grace Huie, Polly Gargus, Dan Sims.

Russell Williams, Ron Shea, Sue Fullenwider, Danny Robinson, Michael Towns, Dalton Wester, Larry Phillips, Ricky Price, Anthony Nash, Tim Thomas, Ken Phillips, Doug Roberts, Lee Davis, Frank Horton, Marsha Horton, Leto Curl, Jimmy Buckner, Ross Norris, Terry Fullenwider, Mel Wade, Emmit Roddam, Lauren Roddam, Garvin Green, Jim Carr, Mark Towns, Ellis Reid, Bob Harvey, Ben Gregory, Mike Malone, Tracey Cox, Ed Camp, Joe Miller, Don Rayfield, and the City of Oneonta.

Thank you also to The Blount Countian for this and all previous articles about Oak Hill Cemetery. This continues to be our most important weekend and was a success this year. Thanks to all the volunteers and donors.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Scott Fendley, Oneonta

Vice President, Oak Hill Cemetery Committee