A belated thanks to Snead councilman Jack Freeman, horticulturist extraordinaire, for donating thousands of small pines not only to his own town but also to the county seat. Jack had earlier planted quite a number of other species at Oneonta’s rec park.

Not only that: he’s ever working through Snead council to keep that town’s public property landscaped and well tended.

Word has it that Oneonta plans to plant its pines on various public properties. The gift comes at a good time, given that little work seems to have been done recently in keeping Oneonta qualified as a Tree City USA. Take the handsome senior center: it screams for several lovely trees.

We’re better at removing trees than we are at planting them.

This tree hugger has replaced only one of two dying residential trees that had to be cut, and the newspaper’s tally is the same.

Nothing does more for a little country town than a wealth of healthy, graceful trees.

Have you planted a tree lately?