Teilking’s Trump connection



Local barber Don Teilking proudly displays the certificate he received designating him a ‘2017 Life Member Order of Merit’ recipient from President Donald Trump. Teilking said he received a heartfelt request in the mail a few months ago from Melania Trump asking for a contribution for Donald Trump’s birthday party on June 14. The contribution would be used, the letter said, to help the Republican National Committee promote the President’s agenda to make America great again. The date caught Teilking’s eye because Trump’s birthday is the same day as his father’s. He made a contribution and thought no more about it until this certificate arrived, he said. He now keeps it close by in the bottom drawer near his barber chair at His Image barber shop – right next to his letter from Melania. He didn‘t say which document he values the most. Of course, the certificate is framed, and the letter is not, but you can tell, he’s pretty proud of that letter, too. Still… didn’t seem right to put him on the spot by asking.

Ron Gholson