System will file for snow day relief; basketball tourney dates announced

Blount County Board of Education...

Superintendent Rodney Green announced that the Blount County system will file for relief from having Friday Jan. 6 charged against the three-day allowance for school cancellations due to weather. Green said the reason for requesting relief was that the day was declared a state emergency by the governor and compliance was mandatory.

He made two other announcements.

• The county basketball tournament this year will be held at Southeastern. The dates are Jan. 14-21 for junior high teams, and Jan. 23-28 for varsity teams.

• A professional development day will be held Jan. 16, also at Southeastern. No student classes that day. Highlights of new business

In new business, the board acted on Green’s recommendations and:

• approved amending the 2017 budget.

• approved renewing the roofing repair and maintenance contract with Standard Roofing for an additional year.

• approved entering into contracts with nine individuals for tutoring at J. B. Pennington and Southeastern Schools.

• allowed Appalachian High School to pay Brittany Copeland $300 from local school funds to teach dances to seventh-to-twelfth-grade Miss AHS Pageant participants.

• approved printing agreements for Cleveland Elementary, Hayden Elementary, and Hayden Middle schools to produce yearbooks, with payment from local school funds.

• approved a field trip request for Appalachian High School cheerleaders to attend the National High School Cheerleading Championship at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Feb. 8- 13; $10,000 cost to be paid from local school funds.

• approved Joshua Young to provide math intervention services to students at Cleveland High, Locust Fork High, and Susan Moore High schools Jan. 9 through April, 2017.

• authorized financing agreement and related documents with BB&T bank for purchase of 31 school buses.

• approved entering into agreement between the Blount County Board of Education and the State Department of Examiners of Public Accounts for an audit of the Blount County Board of Education for the period Oct. 1, 2015, to Sept. 15, 2016.