Support system for RTD



Sheriff-elect Mark Moon, left, and jail administrator Capt. Ron Adkins show off a soon-to-be common sight on county roads in Blount County. It’s the RTD MTTS. RTD stands for Roadside Trash Detail, the new program for county roadside sanitation beginning Jan. 1 and delivered throughout the county on a rotating basis by selected teams of inmates of the Blount County Correctional Facility. MTTS stands for the Mobile Trash Transport System, consisting of an assigned SUV (not new) and accompanying trailer (repurposed) which will be used to carry trash picked up on county roads to the county landfill. MTTS is not an official name. It’s just made up to have something to call the sheriff’s SUV and attached trailer combo shown in the photo. The program has already begun, with county commissioners providing a list of roads in order of priority for the Roadside Trash Detail to work.

-Ron Gholson