Summit Materials receives tax abatements

Last week, the Blount County Commission approved a request from Summit Materials, LLC for an abatement of sales and use tax and non-educational ad-valorem. The abatements cannot exceed five years and, by law, the portion of ad-valorem designated for education will still be paid.

At the earlier work session, Don Mitchell, executive director of the Blount County Economic Development Council, said, “Summit Materials is making a substantial investment in Blount County. They will develop 60 acres in the Summit community for an investment of at least $6 million.”

The property is behind the old Summit School and is adjacent to the Madison Materials rock quarry. Chris Harvey, representing Summit Materials LLC, also met with the Commission during their last work session to share the company’s plans for the property.

Within the plant there will be a drying facility and another area for blending materials into concrete. He said the plant would be built in two phases with the drying facility constructed first.

“Phase one should start within a month,” Harvey said. “This initial $3 million investment will get this plant up and going so we can start moving sand. We expect it to be operational by the end of the year. By the end of our second year here, we should have the second phase online as well.

“Right now, with estimates on materials and construction, phase two will be another $3 million investment. With the rising cost of materials, that number is likely to be higher.”

According to Harvey, there are only three other companies in the country that produce the material that Summit Materials will produce. Also, the company uses only inert materials in its manufacturing process so it will not be an environmental hazard for the surrounding community.

“There is no waste,” he said. “The only issue will be the dust that is produced by the manufacturing process. We’ll keep the dust down in our plant so it won’t affect the surrounding areas.”

Construction is set to begin within the next two months and should be finished by the end of this year or early 2022.